Theme Labour
Long title Work in Fishing Convention, 2007
Short title C 188 Work in Fishing
Acronym WKF
Legal status Binding
Type of instrument Convention
Relevance to fisheries/fishworkers The Work in Fishing Convention, 2007 provides the key elements of a labour standard in the fishing sector with regard to recruitment of fishers, improving living and working conditions on board fishing vessels, and providing social security. It can protect fishers against inhuman working conditions and should help improve the working and living conditions of fishers, both in large- and small-scale fishing operations around the world. The new Convention will benefit: all fishers working on board fishing vessels above 24 m in length by providing them better working and living conditions; and fishers on board fishing vessels less than 24 m in length undertaking fishing trips that are more than seven days, or fishing beyond 200 nautical miles, or fishing beyond the continental shelf.
Date of adoption 14-Jun-2007
Place of adoption 96th Session of the International Labour Conference, Geneva, Switzerland
Ratifications 0 as on 27 June 2008
Initiating body
Decision-making body
Monitoring and implementation
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